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Organisations often struggle to define a clear strategy or they fail to put structures in place to help deliver it. We therefore offer training courses/consulting in 3 areas of management:

Business Management - these teach your senior managers how to define a strategy and set-up measures/structures to support it.

Team Management - these teach your managers how to improve operational performance and manage individual team members.

Change Management - when major change is needed to deliver your strategy these teach managers how to plan it and manage it's impact.


Summary Details

Course content: Content will be tailored to your business but you can see course summaries and content options below.

Location: Courses can be run in your offices, at locally hired training venues in the South East or via desk-based video/screen-sharing.

Attendees: Courses will be dedicated to your staff (recommending a maximum of 8 at a time) with no others attending.

Format & Duration: Courses can be delivered as half-day/full day classroom training or 1 hour desk-based modules depending on your preferences.

Dates: Dates are completely flexible and based on your preferences.

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Below are the current business skills courses we offer

*Please note: there are no course durations shown as this depends on your requirements, please use the enquiry form to advise and we will respond.

Strategy Development & Performance Management

Few companies have a clear business strategy and even fewer track its delivery effectively. We can teach you how to do this by:

  • Defining the vision and objectives of your company.
  • Identifying the activities that will deliver your objectives.
  • Defining key measures that will track performance against your objectives.
  • Making it clear to your staff how they will contribute to the strategy.

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Structuring a Business to Delivery its Strategy

Once you have a clear strategy you must make sure that its supported by your business structure and performance framework. We can teach you how to do this by:

  • Documenting your business functions.
  • Minimise the number of functions that cut across business units.
  • Identifying the resources needed to deliver each function.
  • Defining secondary measures that contribute to your strategic key measures.

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Process Design & Management

For a team to be managed successfully it must have clear processes/measures and a continuous improvement approach.
We can teach your managers how to put this in place by:

  • Ensuring there is clarity over what processes teams are accountable for.
  • Breaking processes down into procedures that are communicated to staff to ensure consistent delivery.
  • Putting in place tertiary measures to track how processes are performing.
  • Identifying ways to improve team performance through a combination of process, organisation and/or IT change.

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Team Performance & Development

We teach managers how to develop their teams and their individual team members by:

TEAMS: Defining processes and responsibilities, planning the work of the team over the short/medium term, visually presenting it's performance and getting team members to identify ongoing improvements to its processes.

INDIVIDUALS: Defining a skills framework for team roles, knowledge sharing to develop those skills and providing ongoing feedback and rewards/ recognition based on contribution to team performance.

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Project/Business Planning

No business or change programme can be run successfully without a clear business or project plan. We can train your managers in how to produce quality plans that include:

  • Activities & Milestones.
  • Dates automatically linked to a printable timeline.
  • Progress tracking.
  • Dependencies on other key activities (understanding the critical path).
  • Contingency Planning.
  • Demand/Resource Planning.
  • Budgeting/Forecasting.

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Business Change

Studies have shown that over 50% of projects fail to deliver anticipated benefits (McKinsey & Co, KPMG). This is often because they fail to sufficiently involve those that make it happen, i.e. the staff affected! We can teach your managers to address both the practical and emotive aspects of a major change so it's benefits are realised:

PRACTICAL: Staff help define/test the process or system to be changed, they are trained in that process and there are mechanisms in place to monitor and reward them on that basis.

EMOTIVE: Everyone around them (managers, colleagues & third parties) say the same thing and act the same way in relation to the reasons for the change and how it will be managed.

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