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Time saving business skills

Meeting/Workshop Facilitation

Communications Writing

Time Management & Communication Skills


We assume that everyone with a role in a service organisation is able to do the basics of running a meeting, sending emails and organising their workload. The reality is most don't do any of these things effectively.


These courses teach simple techniques to improve quality in these areas and save your company time & money.


Summary Details

Course content: Content will be tailored to your business but you can see course summaries and content options below.

Location: Courses can be run in your offices, at locally hired training venues in the South East or via desk-based video/screen-sharing.

Attendees: Courses will be dedicated to your staff (recommending a maximum of 8 at a time) with no others attending.

Format & Duration: Courses can be delivered as half-day/full day classroom training or 1 hour desk-based modules depending on your preferences.

Dates: Dates are completely flexible and based on your preferences.

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Below are the current business skills courses we offer

*Please note: there are no course durations shown as this depends on your requirements, please use the enquiry form to advise and we will respond.

Meeting/Workshop Facilitation

How often do you go to a meeting where you've sat there for 1hr+ and had a discussion but not really achieved anything at the end of it! This course can teach staff how to spend less time debating and more getting work done by:

  • Identifying objectives and establishing the best format for the meeting (briefing, meeting, workshop, webinar etc.).
  • Identifying the best layout for the meeting/workshop room.
  • Structuring the session with expectations, objectives, agenda, actions board, parked questions and a summary.
  • Managing difficult behaviours during the session and improving their presentation skills.
  • Following-up the meeting to ensure decisions are actioned.

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Communications Writing

How often have you read a communication from a colleague and had to re-read it many times to work out how it actually affects you. We can teach your staff some simple techniques to ensure that communications are:

  • Concise and to the point.
  • Sufficiently interesting and meaningful for the recipient to want to read them.
  • Delivered through a channel appropriate to the communication type (e.g. letter, newsletter, text, email, leaflet).
  • Reflective of other information being sent to each recipient.
  • Effectively reviewed and monitored to track if they are delivering the intended response or outcome.

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Time Management & Organisation Skills

The competing pressures of the workplace today are such that huge numbers are suffering from stress and mental health issues. We can train you staff how to better manage their workload by:

  • Identifying what the key tasks are that will have the biggest impact on the success of the company (80:20 rule).
  • Splitting their work into a prioritised list of actions (links in with MS Outlook course).
  • Learning how to manage expectations.
  • Developing plans to structure large pieces of work.

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